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Glider Flight

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of rope
A few feet from "The Road".
I whip the Schweitzer 'round so fast
Exceeds the max'mum load.
I've slipped, I've stalled, I've spiral dived,
Spun past the sixth full turn.
"You can't do that!" the new ones say,
They've got a lot to learn.
I find a thermal, turn in it
To try and gain some height.
But I must beat the towplane down
Or this is my last flight!

A decade ago or so I was in the back of a motor glider being flown to a local airport for some repair work on a noisy muffler.

Control: You’re unreadable, say again.
Us: I’ve turned off the engine, is that better?
Control: L..o..n..g pause