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The Unprepared Bridegroom

A glider pilot of many years experience finally decided to get married .

A night before the wedding, he was visited in a dream by the Almighty,

who informs him that he can grant him his dearest wish.

“That’s easy” he said ”The runway on our airfield is too short for me,

since my sideslipping is only average. Can you make the runway


“ I don’t believe you understand the full import of your request” replied

God, “ It would involve extensions into a stately home and disrupt traffic

for many a long day. Politicians and civil servants would have to be

converted over night, not to mention protests from the Green Party. I

can do it of course, but is there any other possibility which may be less

disruptive ?”

“Well there is actually.” said the pilot. “For many years, I have been

concentrating on my flying to the exclusion of practically all else. I

never had the chance to really understand women. Could you give me

some useful advice, perhaps a manual or something which would enable

me to deal with the changing moods, the needs and peculiarities of the

fair sex?”

After a lengthy pause, God replied “ How long would you like the

runway to be ?

Peter J Holloway.