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2019 Cross Country (XC) Advanced Training Coaching (ATC) Season Kick Off.

As the thermal season should, fingers crossed, soon be with us I have been putting things in place for the 2019 club Advanced Training and Coaching (ATC). First a reminder of the different ATC email based groups.

Different groups for ATC at Parham.

Solo to Silver. This group will mainly focus on the pilots that have already achieved (or are close to achieving) their BGA XC Diploma and club yellow card. Adrian Lyth will be overseeing and developing this group so please send him a email.

Intermediates. Silver C to 300km. I will be overseeing and developing the training and coaching for the post silver C guys so send me a email.

Advanced. 300km and beyond. Damian is well placed to help develop XC skills at this level so please send him a email.

Juniors. Some of you will be unable to fly cross country until you are 16. However, many useful XC skills and drills can be practised within gliding range of Parham. Hakan Andersson is interested in doing some advanced training and he has already done some XC training with a few juniors.

I have talked to many pilots already this year about our club ATC so I have already been putting together list for each group. Please email Adrian, Damian, or myself if you feel you are not already on the list and would like to be included. Just let us know your current experience and what your XC goal is for the season.

Below is a list of the 2019 XC coaches that are available for some adhoc coaching and even possibly mentoring. Please feel free to talk to them if you have any XC related questions I am sure any of them will be happy to help or even possibly do some flying coaching with you. However, please be aware that there will be times, especially on good soaring days, that coaches will need to focus on their own flying. As a courtesy whenever I have flown with a coach in their own glider I have always offered to pay the launch fee.

Paul Fritche -
Will Greenwood -
John Haigh -
Rod Walker -

Les Blows –

James Hiley –

Additionally both David Rys-Jones and Dave Sanders are both very experienced XC pilots. Occasionally they will offer to fly, in their own gliders, with less experienced pilots.

Note if you do not have a BGA Cross Country Diploma or club Yellow card, you will only be able to fly out of gliding range off Parham with XC coaches who are also instructors. However, the majority of XC skills and drills can still be taut flying locally using the club mini task, as these will still keep you within gliding range of the airfield.

By John Trubridge