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As I have already mentioned, we will soon (with 2020) have a dedicated on-site classroom and the BGA have agreed this this will allow us to run Instructor courses at Parham, removing yet another barrier to becoming a club instructor.

Following the lockdown, we have done a first-class job to maximise our flying, however, some storm clouds are brewing on the horizon which introduce a resurgent level of uncertainly to our operation. COVID is on the rise again throughout the UK and whilst our area is less impacted, it is difficult to see how it won’t come here too.

We MUST do our part. We have provided very clear procedures which MUST be followed. Unlike earlier in the year, where this was guidance, it is now LAW and the local police will enforce this. Stay Alert and think about the key rules in everything we do.

HANDS           FACE               SPACE

This combined with the ‘Rule of 6’ in the clubhouse and not optional and if you feel unable to comply with these simple rules, I have to ask that you do not visit the club.

We are still able to fly and enjoy the freedoms we currently have, so I would recommend that we work together to fly whenever we can for, we really can’t predict how long we will be able to do this as the future remains somewhat uncertain.

In the meantime, your committee are continuing to plan and execute tactical and strategic projects and be ready to make full use of the gliding opportunities that the weather presents to us.

Please stay vigilant and continue to operate safely in every aspect of what we do as we navigate a challenging autumn and winter period.