Contents Chairman’s Statement Continued

By Craig Lowrie

With the summer now firmly behind us Southdown moves into its winter mode of operation. Unlike many clubs where the winter brings short flights and circuit training possibilities Southdown has the added benefit of exciting long distance ridge flying when the north wind blows I would encourage all members to look frequently at the weather forecasts so as to not miss these exciting and unique opportunities.

I would like to thank the 40 or so members who were able to attend the Chairman’s update meeting on 8 September but clearly a large percentage of the club missed the opportunity to hear what is happening in the club and where it is going. The presentation from the evening is available to view on the club website although reading this is never quite the same as hearing the presentation face-to-face. For this reason I would like to add some supplementary comments to emphasize the key elements of the message that was delivered in that meeting.

In total six key areas were covered and I would like to summarize those and add some comments ;-

The first section covered some tactical what I call “quick-win” projects designed to improve the clubs offerings to the membership in a number of areas.

I am not going cover those in detail but I am satisfied with the improvements those changes have brought so far.

The second and probably key topic for the evening was the status regarding our ability to access the new TAG Farnborough airspace that comes into effect in March 2020. The presentation shows the design of the air space (See below) and most especially the new areas called CTA7 and CTA8 which present significant challenges to gliders returning to Southdown after cross-country flights inland.