Dave Clews

Membership secretary

Membership News

 Membership figures - looking good. Attendance - not so good?

Our membership continues to rise compared to this time last year, and I’d like to say a big welcome to those of you who have joined in the last few months:

New Juniors:

George Arbuthnot (age 19)

Martin Brooks (age 21)

Ben Jonas (age 17)

Daniel Newton-Young (age 20)

James Sinclair (age 18)

Full Members

Andrew Becker

Anthony Chapman

Andrew Craig

Charles Edwards

Kevin Fresson

Andy Kay

Martin Lewis

Marcus Rice

We now have 259 members of which 202 are full flying members. This time last year the numbers were 234 and 187 respectively. We also have one of the highest proportion of juniors in the UK for a gliding club. With 48 junior members (last Sept 36), that represents 24% of our flying membership. Although membership is healthy, attendance isn’t as good as we would like. Each club day, we always have a team of volunteer instructors and tug-pilots on duty. If nobody turns up, it’s a day wasted for them.

If any early students are reading this, please remember that attendance on a weekly basis will help you progress at a reasonable pace. Less than that, then progress could be questionable. Gliding is a serious commitment - there’s a lot to learn so the more regular you can attend, the better you will do. As long as it’s not raining or not too windy, and there is sufficient cloud base, its a good day for training. We might even have the Winch going which is always great fun. Even if the weather is poor, ground school and lectures can be offered by instructors.