My first season gliding

By Joshua Setford

So, the 2017 soaring season is over- Let’s hope for some good ridge and wave over the winter months. As this season was my first season- I thought I might as well write about some of my experiences so far.

Everything so far has been such a blast, I never before thought I could stay up for hours on end, fly hundreds of kilometres, or even do aerobatics in a glider. I mean- it’s definitely changed the way I look at the sky!

It all started out on a cold, cloudy and windy Saturday in January, when I found myself on the train to Pulborough for first time, to meet up with Dave Clews and have a look round the club, and being so fascinated that I signed the forms on the same day, whilst taking refuge from the winter weather in the clubhouse. And then that train journey to Pulborough became a regular event for me, not just a regular journey, but a journey that would take me to some of the best fun I’ve ever had.

And then a month or so later, I came up to the club again, this time to put myself down on the flying list and experience it for myself. I will never forget the smile on my face as we took off behind Uniform Charlie and turned out over the trees. I couldn’t contain myself and couldn’t resist the temptation to have another one.

Then came another experience- Winching for the first time… I always love the acceleration pushing you back into your seat and the fun as you climb to a thousand feet in no time at all.