By Kevin Fresson

Contents Continued PR & Marketing

DIY leaflets are probably our biggest bang for the buck. Please keep placing in any business that would be appropriate.

It’s our 90th anniversary next year. We have ideas for merchandise, but most needs some kind of spending & we have a stop to things financially unessential for now.

Please tell me what kind of day you want - send me an email please.

Send me your pictures that they may be used in articles.

Much of our DNA is the ridge. Over the next few occasions when there are ridge runs going on - if you can give me a few days notice then we’ll let the local photographic club know. I need pictures on our home patch of gliders gliding - not a view forward from the cockpit.

Our last item of News on the website is dated 10th July - really? Its late September! We need to become better at this for those of the public that browse our website. Particularly if someone is sent solo then get a picture before the day is out - preferably with a beaming face!

Footpath usage has been causing much comment locally & loudly on social media.

We have blocked up the non official routes onto the airfield. This has caused some local upset. Many of us, being bloody minded haven’t cared how it’s been done. Our airfield is our private property. I hope to have an article in the local paper to show our views & speak of the bloody minded, occasionally rude, incredibly stupid people that don’t keep to the footpath or allow their dogs off the lead when aircraft are landing close by. The local dog walker group have an idea that walking at Parham airfield is a dog friendly venue! Craig has spoken to the organiser to let them know of the safety issues, our attitude & concerns. We welcome responsible walkers & those with dogs - if the mess from the dogs is cleared up & no-one or dogs strays onto the landing area away from the footpath.This problem with people or animals straying into our take-off or landing path is becoming worse. Our neighbors at the rugby club have banned dogs on their footpath as their mess was not being cleared. Such a thing is an option for us, but I’d suggest, not before we communicate the issue loudly to the locals. I’d also not like the idea of a fence to hem them in. It would be hugely expensive but it may eventually become necessary. It may have to come in the not too distant future if we don’t improve what has been happening. The fall-out ( not just PR ) from killing a dog with an aircraft would be bad enough. I’m not certain that the club would survive a person being killed. It’s an airfield but we have many dog walkers that have been walking the footpath for many years & are arrogant enough not to want to put their dog on a lead. We get fed up - it’s our private land & if they stray, it compromises our operation.

We have a duty of care to protect the public from themselves even if they are obnoxious or rude. But we can only do so much. People that walk on our land need to be made clearly aware with a new set of signs clearly showing where the footpath is & stating the dangers of straying onto the landing area. ( The new signs should be up soon ). But we have endured many occasions of vandalism of signs & fencing. This is not acceptable & should help us decide what we will eventually do.

If there is no improvement, then our only option is a re-route of the footpath away from the aerotow strip & around the perimeter of our land along with a suitable fence - maybe with hedging. I don’t mind dealing with the fall-out, but fed up dog walkers can easily complain about other things that we do. We do make noise.

What would be the cost financially or otherwise? What would be the cost if we did have a person die? The footpath is a major issue that is getting worse every year.