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COVID update

It’s inevitable that a quarterly journal will be behind the curve on current events – so just a reminder to please keep up to date with the latest Government and BGA guidance, and continue to follow the instructions given by the club for cleansing the equipment.

Ridge season starting!

We already had a couple of reasonable ridge days – hopefully this bodes well for the autumn and winter to come. This is a good time to refresh yourself on what you need to know, especially if you’re relatively new to it. Take a look at the info in Managing Flying Risk – there’s a link on the Flight Safety page of the website. Lots of good stuff, and some useful links in there to other good reads about ridge and mountain flying from the USA and France.

Club safety review – as noted in my last report, this is now complete and has been submitted to the BGA. You can now find it on the website Flight Safety page. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts and comments!

MRFI review

As noted above, we’ve seen a number of MRFIs related to incursions recently. Additionally, there have been a number of reports about other traffic getting uncomfortably close to the site when we’re active, or to tugs and gliders. In response to this we are now review whether or not to raise AirProx reports on a case by case basis. We’ve raised one to date.

There’s a good article here about gliders and AirProx:

If you think you’ve been involved in an AirProx, please report it via MRFI with as much info as possible.

The MRFI rate has decreased since the early days of restart. Hopefully as we’ve become less rust, we’ve been thinking about what we are doing and how we are doing it. Let’s keep doing that!


My regular reminder – please make use of the learning opportunity offered by MRFIs to make our gliding activities safer for everyone. No permission required and free at the point of use! If you experience or see an incident, or spot something that may be a flying or safety risk, you can raise a MRFI to report it anonymously. This means as a club we can take action to prevent it happening again. You can raise a MRFI through the web form at or through an email to me. Don’t forget to take a look at the latest MRFIs on the website, updated every month or so.  

Stay safe!

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