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A Quick Guide

The Oudie 2 and SeeYou Mobile

1. Power On/Off button

2. Power indicator

3. Earphone jack

4. microSD card slot

5. Mini USB port

6. Stylus

7. Speaker

8. Reset key

By John Trubridge

General Housekeeping

Oudie Battery.

The Oudie internal battery will only last for 1 to 2 hours. If it is connected when flat to the gliders battery it can drain quite a large amount of the batteries power. With this in mind it is important that the Oudie battery is managed correctly.

If you find the Oudie battery discharged, it may take a while to recharge from the glider battery which may in turn may need changing later in the days flying. The club is planning to replace its current glider batteries with lithium-ion polymer batteries that have a larger capacity.

The Oudie's Mini USB B socket is fragile so please treat it with care. This is the reason why the Oudie has been installed in the glider inverted to protect the connector (it’s now at the top).

Club Oudie Configuration.

Each club Oudie has been set (and powers up) with a configuration for the glider it has been installed in. So, an Astir Oudie would not be correctly configured to give the correct glide information for the DG KOW.

Oudie Internal GPS.

The club Oudie’s are not currently connected to the FLARM IGC loggers in the club gliders. This may be reviewed in the future. Although the Oudies can operate fine with its internal GPS you do have to consider that this does have some limitations. The first is obvious in that the Oudie cannot Upload a task declaration or download IGC flight files from the FLARM IGC logger.