Working with Waypoint and Task Files

(John Trubridge)

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We have become more reliant on our electronic navigation devices. The trend over the years is for them to become the primary source of navigational in the cockpit. Most pilots now just use their navigation chart for planning and as a backup in the cockpit. With this in mind it is important to keep our navigation devices up to date with the latest information.

Airspace Files Some Nav devices (like the Oudie with SeeYou Mobile) come with lifetime updates. Airspace files can even be downloaded with up-to-date NOTAM information from sites like Spine and ASSelect. See Chapter 4 all about NOTAMS.

Waypoint Files. These can be a little bit harder to deal with because our stored tasks are contained in the same file. Tim Newport-Peace does a great job of keeping our BGA waypoints updated every year and a new list is produced at the beginning of February. This article is about working with a up to date waypoint file and adding task to it before loading it onto SeeYou or your electronic nav device.

Waypoint files come in various formats depending on the nav device or recorder being used. For simplicity I will be concentrating on producing a .CUP file as this is the most commonly used file. However, the process used can be easily adapted to any waypoint file type.

For more information about the BGA waypoints and files go to Tim Newport-Peace’s website.

Downloading Waypoint Files

The easiest way to download the latest BGA waypoint file is by using Jeff Goodenough’s TPSelect. This is a very useful small program that can be downloaded here.

I use Parham (PAR) for location and a range of 1000km to give me the whole of the BGA waypoint List.

CUP is selected as file format.

Save turn points… will save the file in a folder of your choosing.